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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Rev. Alejandro De La Torre
Associate Pastor for Congregacion Latina

Incarnation - Solidarity
According to my calendar, today is Human Solidarity Day. This is a celebration held by the United Nations to raise public awareness on the importance of solidarity and to celebrate unity in diversity. On December 22, 2005, the UN General Assembly proclaimed that International Solidarity Day would take place on December 20 each year. The spirit behind this proclamation was to promote a culture of solidarity and a spirit of sharing to combat poverty and segregation and for the edification of peace. In thinking about this celebration, my thoughts go to what we have done here at Cathedral of Hope for more than 40 years: promote a culture of solidarity to celebrate unity in diversity and unify hearts to build peace!

Based on our faith, we proclaim that the Christ came to us in solidarity, uniting the divine with the human and teaching us how to withdraw the walls of division. To create gates of community for all of us to live in harmony and peace.

I believe that this is exactly what we have being preparing to celebrate in Advent this coming December 24: “The Incarnation.” The solidarity that our God has shown to us simply so that we, God’s people, will learn how to increase the solidarism among all people, removing all kinds of obstacles that do not currently allow us to live in unity and peace.

We are at the end of our Advent journey. In a few days, on Christmas Eve, we will be proclaiming our hope, sharing our peace, singing our joy, showing our love and remembering the words of the prophet Isaiah: "A child has been born for us. We have been given a son who will be our ruler. His names will be Wonderful Advisor and Mighty God, Eternal Father and Prince of Peace."

Please consider joining us because with that proclamation we are expressing our commitment to the world. We are saying that by having Jesus’ incarnation as foundation, we will continue working for human solidarity and for unity in diversity and peace on Earth.

Oh Jesus, Messiah, come to us, come! Let us grow in solidarity, unity and peace and let us bring joy to the world. Amen

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