Annual Congregational Meeting – 2019

Notice of Annual Congregational Meeting Saturday, March 9, Sanctuary, 11 a.m.

The Cathedral of Hope Annual Congregational Meeting was held on Saturday, March 9 at 11 a.m. At the meeting, members who were eligible to vote will cast ballots to fill three (3) positions on the Board of Stewards and any Bylaws revisions on the ballot. 

Elected Board of Stewards and appointments:

Roger Poindexter, Chair
Mary Hershiser, Vice Chair
Rich Dudley, Clerk (Secretary)
James Deets, Treasurer


Jesus Lopez-Delgado
Dutch Ross
Dana Goodenew
Roscoe Compton-Kelly

Board Appointments to Dallas Hope Charities:

John Rieger
Sara Fulmer
Roscoe Compton-Kelly

Board Committee Liaisons:

Bob Shea                             Strategic Planning
James Deets                       Finance
Mary Hershiser                 Personnel
Roscoe Compton-Kelly    Development
Dutch Ross                         Building and Grounds
Jesus Lopez-Delgado       Bylaws
Dana Goodenew                Membership/Engagement